Relo services
Preview Orientation Program
This programm is designed to help in the decision for potential Assignee to accept an assignment, when the company offers him/her and his/her spouse a trip to the destination:

● Area tour;
● Maps and guidebooks;
● Visit to view housing options;
● Information on/visits to schools;
● Information on activities for children;
● Information on local Expat organizations;
● Information on organizations, activities for spouse;
● Information on/visits to health care facilities;
● Information on/visits to shopping facilities;
● Information on sports facilities;

Trips are customized to the individual needs of expatriate employees and families.
Home Search Program
The Newark having access to all real estate databases provides this programm to help the Assignee to select the property meeting his/her requirements.The Newark acts as the expatriate’s advocate and represents his/her interests.In addition Newark provides the Assignee and family with information about the geography, history and culture that will be helpful in transitioning to the new location.

● Based on the information provided, Newark recommends best areas in terms of budget, proximity to schools and office, other needs and expectations,plans and coordinates housing appointments properties that meet individual needs;
● Accompanies Assignee on housing appointments;
● Assists with negotiating rental costs and other fees;
● Advises Assignee of local real estate practices, such as requirements for security deposit, advance rent, letter of guarantee, etc.;
● Checks the apartment at the legal authorities;
● Assist with signing of the Lease Agreement by both Parties and followed handover,providing hard copy of the move-in inspection;
School Selection Assistance
Newark helps the Assignee to identify and select the best option for their children as it can be one of the most important tasks, which determines their comfort of staying in the country.

● Contact school(s) to determine availability for the upcoming semester/year;
● Arranges and coordinates interviews; accompanies when appropriate;
● Participates in the process for interview, application completion and acceptance;
● Notifies of deposits and other fees,required vaccinations and certifications;
Settling-In Program
The Newark is able to assist with every step along the way of being settled in new location by providing information about traveling, leisure activities, in addition to information on local geography, history, and culture, which will help the Assignee and his/her family to assimilate into their new environment.

● Provides maps and guidebooks for area;
● Assists with opening a local bank account;
● Informs as to location of property and convenience to transportation, local vendors, and services;
● Informs as to local social customs: tipping, dealing with local merchants;
● Arranges visits to schools, to shopping areas, medical facilities, special interest facilities, as required.
● Advises Assignee of requirements and procedures for obtaining a local driver’s license and time constraints involved;
● Provides information about spouse and family activities, including school courses, volunteer and leisure activities, other transferred families and local support groups.
● Provides assistance with questions about tenancy related issues;
● Organizes repairs with the Newark network of suppliers;
● Schedules and coordinates Maintenance Sub-Providers, when applicable.
● Provides information about drivers, cleaning-ladies, babysitters.
Spouse Support
The Newark offers support to the Assignee’s spouse at the Assignee's home or local area. Following are the typical activities of the Spouse Support Program:

● Follow-up support by phone;
● Community transition services (information on local community, local clubs, organizations and volunteer groups);
● Assisting with investigating continuing education opportunities;
● Employment assistance (help with the construction of CV in local language, labor market situation and professional expectations, referral to a qualified placement agency (job not guaranteed);
● Assistance with shopping, accompany to the local stores.
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